meI am Carmeon Hamilton, the brawn and brains behind Nubi Interiors. I graduated from the University of Central Arkansas in 2008 with my Bachelor of Science in Interior Design – science (instead of fine arts), because I was a naive little college freshman that thought she wanted to be a physical therapist. But, thanks to the encouragement of a very special friend, I changed my major and embarked on a career that helps me fulfill my purpose.

My career started in 2008 in the construction and design department of a corporate health care company. I had the pleasure of designing the interiors of physical therapy clinics, assisted living facilities and other senior living environments. Unfortunately, my department was down-sized and I was let go in August of 2012. The experience gained from that company is one that I’ll forever be grateful for. But, it made me realize that my destiny and well-being should never be in the hands of others…hence, the birth of Nubi Interiors.

Why “Nubi”? Well, Nubi is the nickname that was given to me by my husband. It’s actually short for Nubian – as in Nubian queen or princess. And it’s actually my husband’s constant love and support that motivated me to bring my dream to life. Naming my company Nubi Interiors is just my reminder that there is someone, other than myself that believes in me.

Beauty can be found in any and all things. And my purpose is to help others find that beauty in the things that surround them every day.